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December 18th, 2016

@jasonmkern I am mainly concerned that he’s safe & doesn’t injure himself or our house in the process! He’s taking good precautions…

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@jasonmkern My wife & I are pretty thrilled to see him so excited about engaging in such a complex & challenging project…

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@jasonmkern Well, I’m actually just playing a very minor assistant role at this point… & I’ll help with documenting!

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We were saddened to learn of the recent deaths of 2 elderly friends in our old neighborhood. Reminds me to not take anything for granted…

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@jasonmkern I think a small dagger or sword… He has several options in mind. We are going to create a video together to document it :-)

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StormWarriorsTV 35° drop in 2 hrs/50°+ in 7 hrs timelapse from yesterday in N Texas. Current temp 16°. pic.twitter.com/gU5EWTVg8C

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@jasonmkern he’s having fun & having to figure out a lot of good stuff. This video was 1 of his inspirations: youtube.com/shared?ci=cMrx…

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Our son’s Christmas break “make something cool by melting & casting aluminum” project is going well pic.twitter.com/rCDNgWIGD8

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Move Fast & Break Things: How Facebook, Google, & Amazon Cornered Culture & Undermined Democracy by @JonathanTaplin amazon.com/dp/0316275778/…

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SenSanders Trump’s “anti-establishment” cabinet of millionaires and billionaires is worth more than 1/3 of U.S. households com..twitter.com/i/web/status/8…Od

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“Hack the algorithms - Create your own media menu” wfryer.me/ideas inspired by twitter.com/wfryer/status/…

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“If you control the menu, you control the choices” by Tristan Harris mobile.nytimes.com/2016/12/13/opi… pic.twitter.com/HVn3klVffg

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Cooking our family’s favorite Stromboli recipe tonight! h/t @KansasNana pic.twitter.com/USfeCViMmZ

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pyjohnson1 Eight things you need to do right now to protect yourself online (via @Pocket) theguardian.com/technology/201…

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iReading: Teachers Are Delusional - Blue Cereal Education nzzl.us/XatU0Ym by @BlueCerealEduc via @nuzzel @edgeblogger

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iReading: 4 Non-Negotiables for Schools nzzl.us/r3KtDVY by @gcouros via @nuzzel @derekbartels

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Why I don’t like carol “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”: How Krampus, the Christmas ‘Devil,’ Became Cool by @NatGeo news.nationalgeographic.com/2015/12/151204…

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@iamvlewis @Flipboard ok I will! I need to make a more updated video version of this: youtu.be/G4XNfmM9eWU

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RyanMaue Avg temp across state of Minnesota bottomed out at -26°F
Avg Lower 48 temp was 15°F & was saved by very warm SE in..twitter.com/i/web/status/8…RB

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eyesrightblog Having arguments this morning with our Sunday School teacher who wants to ban uses of digital devices for a Christmas trivia contest

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I’ve been playing with my Nexus 7 Android tablet this morning, reminded of it by our son home from college

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@TechnoBec I think education has always been a battle for the mind, an effort to encourage critical thinking

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@iamvlewis awesome, I find Twitter lists like that are very helpful to follow in @Flipboard!

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iReading: The Mysterious Discovery of a Continent That Wasn’t There flip.it/r5vjdf by @NatGeo

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