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December 28th, 2016

YouTube playlist of past presentations including my @TEDx from Nov: “Digital Citizenship in our Surveillance State” youtube.com/playlist?list=…

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.@mizuko thanks so much to you & the @ConnectedCamps counselors encouraging @RachfMC in her journey! twitter.com/wfryer/status/…

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Family-friendly activities & challenges designed by @ConnectedCamps staff & counselors via @mizuko blog.connectedcamps.com/category/activ…

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“Research shows that connecting with inspiring mentors is one of the biggest…” by @mizuko blog.connectedcamps.com/three-lessons-… pic.twitter.com/nIVyPgwh3d

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loudlearning Success is not always what you see! pic.twitter.com/VLTS7k5fFN

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new post: Student Voice, YouTube, & Digital Citizenship: Rachel Fryer on the TEDx Stage wfryer.me/412..twitter.com/i/web/status/8…ig

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ConnectedCamps Three Lessons from My Son on Minecraft and Learning blog.connectedcamps.com/three-lessons-…

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NASA At a distance of 923,834 miles away, our home planet looks like a giant blue marble. Pic taken 12/27 by EPIC camera..twitter.com/i/web/status/8…Fr

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jackiegerstein Prosthetics project gives Southmoreland Middle School students hands-on lesson shar.es/1DCU3y

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MikeOlbinski My year in review post with way too many photos, but also way too many left out :) mikeolbinski.com/theblog/2016/1… pic.twitter.com/mdntylB5rH

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[VIDEO] Vorticity: A Time-Lapse Photographer Chases Tornadoes for 20,000 Miles (@MikeOlbinski) petapixel.com/2016/07/13/vor…

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Excited to find a signed 1st edition of @stevenbjohnson’s “The Invention of Air” amazon.com/dp/1594488525/… pic.twitter.com/ZJxQS5nbdq

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I had to use Google Translate (French to English) to read our youngest daughter’s Instagram profile..twitter.com/i/web/status/8…wv

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I updated our family’s “digital footprint” page on our family learning blog with several new links! learningsigns.speedofcreativity.org/family-digital… cc @sfryer

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@ahicktiger I don’t think they’re in the same category - demand 4 truck drivers is still going up (for awhile) See: medium.com/basic-income/s…

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TEDxOU Very excited to be bringing you the first round of @TEDxOU 2017 Speaker Announcements! More info at tedxou.com/speakers-tedxo…

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: Race Against the Machine: How the Digital Revolution is Accelerating Innovation… amazon.com/dp/0984725113/… via @AndyStern_DC

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eyesrightblog gr8 upcoming sermon series @fumcmhk: Pastor’s Press Conference cc @ericlav h/t @taf1958 (tough questions!) fumcmanhattan.com/worship/pastor…

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@Genebens1 @UBInews yes, I think is a long-term prospect. Increasing job losses will make the need for it more dramatic soon tho

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@a_mcsquared it’s a quotation from page 32 of @AndyStern_DC’s book “Raising the Floor” on & economics amazon.com/dp/1610396251/…

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A Proposal for Universal Basic Income from the Former President of SEIU @AndyStern_DC youtu.be/w2a8AzJPvBo

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“This job-less, wage-less growth isn’t an aberration, nor is it temporary. It marks a strategic…” by @AndyStern_DC pic.twitter.com/l6sZPCmKWz

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TheReadLists Check out this : Alec Ross: If You Don’t Read, You Cannot Be Wise. thereadinglists.com/alec-ross-read…

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BenjaminHeddy Teacher of the year and native Oklahoman is thinking about leaving the state. Houston we have a problem! m.news9.com/story.aspx?sto…

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ifoundmo Part of productivity is knowing when to take a break. twitter.com/snoopy/status/…

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“Computer code is the alphabet in which much of the future will be written” by @AlecJRoss youtube.com/shared?ci=8bgF… pic.twitter.com/s1LWo6jo4M

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