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December 31st, 2016

Pouring molten aluminum into a styrofoam and sand cast

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Our son may be the only person in on melting aluminum in his own custom garage forge

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Excited to be trying for the first time tonight: “Wassail recipe of Kortney McQuade”

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@cogdog I did appreciate a bot correcting my capitalization of “WordPress” a few years ago…

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Shout out at 40:05 of @edtechsr Ep 34 to @cogdog “I’m a Reclaimer” remix and his image attribution advocacy!…

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PocketShare Just found audio from Dec 26, 2014 following Mark Veasey’s Friday morning men’s group preso about

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iReading: Podesta’s email hack hinged on a very unfortunate typo by @verge via @techsavvyteach @edtechsr…

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NWSNorman What you’ll read: “Blah Blah Blah !” What we hope you’ll read: “Light snow tonight, no impacts, dusting at most.”

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cogdog @Henderson204 is calling for writers on project-based learning. He’s a good guy!… @WickedDecent @wfryer @kfasimpaur

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Very excited about the large tray of eggrolls I just ordered from @leesandwiches in for New Year’s eve tonight!

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Listening again to last night’s @edtechsr discussion of I’m reminded of the power & importance of algorithms…

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iReading: From Facebook to, livestreaming became mainstream in 2016 by @mashable…

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michaelkruse If you’re a reporter, anywhere, covering anything, you need to read this from @Fahrenthold.

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katiabachko .@gauveyherbert has been chasing this twisty story for over a year. we worked really hard on it; please read!…

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matthewshaer The saddest ornament

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MMWorkplace Millennials in the workplace - what you need to understand by @simonsinek Worth watching. @CushWakeCE @CushWake…

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iReading: Why don’t we have universal basic income? by @JamesSurowiecki in @NewYorker (June 2016)…

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