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May 15th, 2017

k12online Interested in learning more about designing learning spaces? Check out the 5 part video series by @djakes from 2016! youtube.com/playlist?list=…

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I made good progress tonight on a “lessons learned” post from last Saturday’s in OKC… Will try to finish up & share soon!

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drmcgettigan Hey kids-if you need a fab read on check out the awesome @s_bearden book amazon.com/Digital-Citize…

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iReading: Google Tracker 2017—All the stuff Google has in the works ahead of Google I/Oarstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/0…D by@arstechnicaaR

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Stephen_Hurley Technology news meets educational analysis on the EdTech Situation Room @wfryer and @techsavvyteach Listen now voiced.out.airtime.pro:8000/voiced_a

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CurranCentral Q2 What does look like in your classroom, school & community? Answer on Twitter or on @flipgrid: flipgrid.com/4dd71b

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CurranCentral A2 Check out these student stories about what looks like: digcitutah.com/digital-citize… this is what it should like everywhere

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Wes Fryer, director of technology @casadyschoolokc & co-chair of our school team :-)

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@theartguy indeed, I get the feeling they are happy to fill whatever small town retail niche is available!

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[PODCAST] @NoteToSelf - Taking the Lead Episode 1: The Pain Point pca.st/episode/5edf93…

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Great teacher experiences with @RemindHQ remind.com for parent communication at Maryetta School in Stilwell

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Just what every local hometown drugstore needs: “new swords, axes and knives” pic.twitter.com/5FSTz1vAMz

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Anadisgoi Cherokee Nation announces 2017 Remember the Removal Bike Ride participants anadisgoi.com/archive/1563-c… @CherokeeNation pic.twitter.com/kMyo0vXfuh

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CherokeeNation Meet the 2017 Remember the Removal cyclists! 10 cyclists from six counties plus our 1st Mentor Rider Will Chavez, o..twitter.com/i/web/status/8…b5

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Editorial: When Apple is 2 years behind U, put Your things in order @appleinsider (gr8 history lesson!) iphone.appleinsider.com/articles/17/05…

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