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May 18th, 2017

SlidesCarnival Kent has a lively design for your presentations, with a playful pattern of circles+icons…

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iReading: Medical Devices Hit By Ransomware For The First Time In US Hospitals by @Forbes

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This was insightful and prescient wisdom by Richard J. Foster in 1978. Included in…

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@shfarnsworth @SlidesCarnival you mean the title of each @SlidesCarnival template? No I didn’t! Thanks for sharing that bit of trivia :-)

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PocketShare Slides for my lesson on “The Discipline of Solitude” from Richard J. Foster’s 1978 book “Celebration of Discipline”…

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I’m using “Mercutio presentation template”… for Google Slides by @SlidesCarnival for tomorrow’s lesson I’m teaching

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dangoodin001 Fearing Shadow Brokers leak, NSA reported critical Windows flaw to Microsoft

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Post-storm clouds at sunset with a small rainbow west of more lightning!

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.@techsavvyteach @bhwilkoff wow I loved the keynote. Opening animated video sequence inspired me too!…

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new post: Inspire Your Students with the 2017 Google I/O Opening Animated Video cc @jcasap

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3 tornado warnings right now in the state of Oklahoma, it’s going to be a wild evening…

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Facebook Will [hire] 3000 People to Watch Murders & Suicides via @contrafabulists @audreywatters @kinlane…

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Google Docs phishing attack underscores OAuth security risks via @contrafabulists @audreywatters @kinlane…

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Apple VP Phil Schiller Implies Voice-Activated Smart Speakers Could Benefit From a Screen by @MacRumors…

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NWSNorman 1230pm - video update on what we’re expecting this afternoon and evening -…

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Personal Google Sheets milestone: I’m using VLOOKUP… & a FILTER… on inventory spreadsheets

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NWSNorman 1035AM Update - VERY complicated forecast today. Watch for shifting risk areas and changing storm times.…

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Google leaders announced some amazing stuff yesterday! Catch up on the highlights with @edtechsr Ep 52!…

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PocketShare “I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy… John 15:11 NLT…

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I have 81 new followers from USA, Spain, and more last week. See!wfryer

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