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July 22nd, 2017

Storm clouds tonight at my parents’ house are making dramatic subjects for HDR Pro X photos

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Northeast Kansas is like a thunderstorm war zone in a sauna tonight

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I shared Julie Lindstrom’s “@iPadMediaCamp Reflective Journal” with my parents today, sharing about our WY workshop

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Thank you @pandoramusic @Shazam & @AppleMusic for fueling musical 🎶 discovery for this eclectic summer playlist!…

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I’m sharing Ss Respond: MLK Jr’s I Have a Dream by @sfryer’s Ss 2 years ago in Monday’s keynote

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Glad I watched Google Dev conference opening keynote this year so I could meet Mungo Jerry…

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As always I enjoyed [PODCAST] Security Now Ep 620: Calm Before the Storm w/ @SGgrc & @leolaporte…

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katy_nila Honey, I shrunk the kids! @DrTerriC @CatJackson28 @madeline_ed @AppleEDU

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Fav summer road trip iOS app: Glympse -Share GPS location with friends & family

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MrsBeck25 @wfryer @Seesaw @sfryer I always begin my @Seesaw blog training with your words of inside sharing and outside sharing :)

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@MrsBeck25 @Seesaw @sfryer That is awesome and makes my day! We are working on putting those ideas into a book soon! :-) @digishare

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iReading: Abuses Hide in the Silence of Nondisparagement Agreements by @nytimes via @nuzzel

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bridgestyler We’re #1! Oh, wait a minute……..😒

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Just learned more about @Seesaw blogs w @sfryer in Ambassador training… So excited for our Ts to use this!

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gr8 PD session this am w/ @sfryer continuing @Seesaw Ambassador summer training! We LOVE ❤️❤️❤️ pedagogy of @Seesaw empowering Ss!

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