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September 30th, 2017

Apparently @bubbli was acquired by @Dropbox - Sadly the iOS app hasn’t been updated for iOS 11 😞

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@Dropbox What is going to happen to @bubbli?! Please release a 64 bit iOS 11 compatible version. I adore @bubbli & want it to live on!

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The number 2 employer & revenue generator in downtown Oklahoma City after the oil & gas industry is apparently “event parking” 👺👎🏻😞

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iReading: Let’s Tax the Collection and Storage of Personal Information by @holden…

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jonsamuelson Really disappointed to hear the @OpinionPod app is shutting down on November 1. Just recommended it again to a teacher this AM.

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@joedale @sfryer @OpinionPod Oh that is terrible news but the heads up is appreciated 😂 cc @sfryer

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.@Legoarf You will like this [PODCAST] about our 11 dimensions of mathematical reality: “Scary Math” by @mlthaller…

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iReading: Who Controls Your Facebook Feed by @Slate… (Jan 2016)

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Link fixed for [PODCAST] Ep25 (Feb 2005) Luddite Literacy: Digital Tools or Toys for the 21st Century Classroom?…

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@Forbes Please remove the auto-playing videos on your website. They are hugely irritating and encourage me NOT to visit your site again :-(

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GordonKelly Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL suffer a massive leak and there are several big surprises……

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I’m still holding off / waiting to upgrade iOS devices to h/t @GordonKelly @Forbes…

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247beautyboss My 3rd graders broke out of the ‘If You Take A Mouse To School,’ @breakoutEDU box and freed their crayons! It was AWESOME!

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liveclass20 Here’s your chance to learn how to design @breakoutEDU games from the best! Join @scout7 on in 30 mins!

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Monthly cellular data consumption by teens far outstrips parents! cc @sfryer

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Using @Walmart grocery app for store pickup. Amazing convenience! Love ❤️ saving time & 💰 !…

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TheJenCarey 10 Things Every Teacher Should be able to do on Google Docs

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Glad to see @Yahoo updating the iOS Flickr app!

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k20center Registration will open at the beginning of next week! Over 60 sessions from educators & experts. Sherri Coale is the keynote!

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TheJenCarey A Game to Help Students Pay the Right Price for College via @nytimes

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I made the deadline! Submitted 4 proposals for @theatlis conference in April 2018 in Washington DC!

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