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November 12th, 2017

Why the new Macbook Pro took 4 Years to Develop by @CNET…

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@LProbus No Dodge City stop for us on this trip, we were just coming back from Manhattan πŸ˜€

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I seriously think I just counted about 30 cameras & sensors for southbound traffic on I-35 entering Oklahoma from Kansas. Welcome to the surveillance state…

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@rmbyrne What is your fav app to create infopics on Android, similar to Adobe Spark Post for iOS?

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sfryer I love the creativity that @ScratchJr allows for students to create their own games! @wfryer @Seesaw…

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EgyptTodayMag Educational system changing offered by EduForum

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[PODCAST] YouTube Tips and Tricks… (fuel for edu change agents recording from @gcampokc on 4 Nov 2017)

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iReading: The Noise by @StephenCurry30 via @nuzzel @ChristmanBowers - insightful & constructive post for

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StephenCurry30 As we celebrate Veterans today, let us be louder than all of this silence — and quieter than all of this noise.

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iReading: Venus and Jupiter conjunction: Sky-watchers await dawn display… by @BBCNews (Monday am)

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