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February 10th, 2018

Ella is an impressive implementation of and making the review of surveillance camera video similar to a Google search…

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METSocialLab Are you using ? It helps you set some digital ground rules, on your child’s device. You can create a Google Account for your child, manage apps, keep an eye on , & set a bedtime on your child’s device.

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I love ❀️ this room slogan: “Create. Learn. Make. Do. Solve. Share. Collaborate.” via @ideaguy42 cc @sfryer @BiggestMeow

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tonyvincent ☝️ Whoa! 500+ handouts have been uploaded from the conference. You could spend hours and hours exploring…

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@eduk8me @agiletortoise Can I use more than one Twitter account with Drafts?

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METSocialLab A useful video from @wfryer, explaining why you want to be accessing your sites through an https connections when you are out and about, using public wifi:…

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@BiggestMeow It was fun! Older students had much less drama than younger ones… first time @sfryer had ever really played and explored in the game. Good times. And a good sandbox for convos with Ss…

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All resources and downloadable 1.71 world maps for our @casadyschoolokc “Winter Wonderland” challenge event are available in this Google Drive folder:…

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This student build in our Winter Wonderland reminded me of the Weasley’s house in Harry Potter Episode 4 Order of the Phoenix…

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Last round of spleef in tonight’s Winter Wonderland challenge!

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It’s date night with @sfryer in the Winter Wonderland Challenge! Riding horses together on the coast at sunset…

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@eduk8me @agiletortoise Thanks so much! Hope to see you next week :-)

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90 [VIDEO] trailer for today’s Winter Wonderland challenge event @casadyschoolokc!

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casas_jimmy Thought for the day: Don’t fall for this trap of thinking - When students behave poorly or fail to do the work, they don’t deserve my time or attention. They actually need you more than ever…via

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On the recommendation of @eduk8me in advance of next week, I purchased the iOS app “Drafts” by @agiletortoise

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bridgestyler People out here sending cars to outer space and can’t figure out that if you cut public education and core services the prison population booms.

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great pre-conference checklist and suggestions by @eduk8me: My 2018 Conference Checklist…

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courosa “Limiting Your Child’s Fire Time: A Guide for Concerned Paleolithic Parents”…

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sharodickerson Digital Citizenship: how do we follow up after the initial training? How does this impact students? πŸ˜ŠπŸ’‘πŸ’»πŸ“±βŒ¨οΈ

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I updated my “AFTER” page (“Next Steps After a Presentation by Wes Fryer”) h/t @jefstaes…

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ShellTerrell Join us NOW! Webinar! How fairy tales inspire learning of all ages, cultures, and content

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liveclass20 Join us in 50 mins on with the amazing @ShellTerrell for inspiring ways to teach with fairy tales! 12pm ET Fairy tales are engaging to students of all ages and grades!

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ezraklein “People freaked out about kaleidoscopes in Victorian England. All these people were lamenting the fact that people were apparently walking down the street mesmerized by staring into their kaleidoscope.”…

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