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February 15th, 2018

@CGriff257 I need a workshop on “how to design or redesign your network”

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@CGriff257 Not sure. But I ended up resolving the issue, there was somehow an extra and incorrect DNS entry in the IP scope for the Apple TVs.

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I am happy & relieved! Our technology team resolved a perplexing & frustrating AirPlay issue with our AppleTVs at school today which was rooted in an extra & incorrect DNS entry in the IP scope. I am ready to dance for joy!

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Today’s challenge: Read and interpret this packet capture and figure out why this AppleTV can’t connect to iTunes on our school network… Yet other devices on other SSIDs can…

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Oreo, our beloved @casadyschoolokc duck who suffered frostbite a few weeks ago, is now back at school! Unfortunately, one of her feet had to be amputated. Now @sfryer is wondering if a prosthetic is a possibility?

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What a wonderful peek into iPad powered learning at @Arthurokcps today! Fantastic job @rhondaschroeder, teachers & students! is a gem 💎 in @OKCPS & the nation! Woo hoo @Apple & grant facilitators - and @Seesaw learning

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.@MrAlberto_JH I loved ❤️ visiting your wonderful @Arthurokcps @OKCPS classroom today and learning about @StoryBots from your kindergarten students! Thanks for letting us peek into your learning today!

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iReading: ‘There’s a storm coming’: Emirates boss warns airlines of a looming seismic shift in technology by @businessinsider cc

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Anyone had experience with @TMobile “Empower” program with schools, getting mobile tablets students can take home if they don’t have wifi? What have experiences been with these devices and content filtering?

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sfryer This is why I am attempting to learn to play Minecraft. My Students love to play the game and I love showing them how we can learn from it.…

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padlet Introducing BACKCHANNEL, a delightful new way to use Padlet. It’s group messaging with focus on productivity and collaboration. And like everything at Padlet, it’s simple, beautiful, fun, and extremely powerful.

Read more here:

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@BrandonTerry81 @verge Not very many, but apparently that company has close ties to the Chinese military and therefore there are concerns…

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likaluca So… if you have a Google Home and you say “Ok Google, share some inspirational black voices!”during BHM you will hear lil old me and some others talking to you about work etc!

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It’s Black History Month! If you have a Google Home, ask it to “Share some inspirational Black voices”

I ♥️ this!

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