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May 22nd, 2018

: Eruptions that Shook the World by @ultraplinian

via @netflix by Werner Herzog

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I watched an amazing @netflix original film tonight: “Into the Inferno” by @WernerTwertzog…Da

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@ProfEdTech Did he say build or invent? Same general idea but I’ve quoted that before as “invent”… Love ❀️ that…GI

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thestephhinton Check out this quick guide to flexible seating options! If you’re interested in making the change, check out my…Fs

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AP_Politics BREAKING: Teacher defeats Kentucky House majority leader in Republican primary in wake of education protests at state Capitol.

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@teacherman82 Congrats and best wishes in your new role!

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OKCPS OKCPS is excited to announce and welcome Dr. Sean McDaniel as Superintendent of OKCPS! Welcome to Dr.…D9

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iReading: Orlando Police Testing Amazon’s Real-Time Facial Recognition by @NPR

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@ShakeUpLearning @rmbyrne That would be a good workaround, thanks for the idea. I didn’t think this was possible,…Vm

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@ShakeUpLearning @rmbyrne Is there a way to create a new Google Drive file from the Mac Finder, when you have…6m

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Great @motherboard article on the gov’t roots of our modern surveillance state

15 Years…aF

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