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July 14th, 2018

Having some website cache issues that I’ll hopefully get resolved tomorrow…
Till then the RSS feed /ā€¦Tp

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Podcast462: Inspired by Tricia Fuglestad and Make Media Camp Lessons Learned


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I recorded all the audio segments of the next “Moving at the Speed of Creativity” podcast episode I’m about toā€¦ge

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Watch out, retailers. This is just how big Amazon is becoming by @CNBC

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“We also should stop thinking of higher education primarily in terms of American students between the ages of 18ā€¦oQ

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@MGoviaEDU @eshileman @OKCPSETS Good for you! And good luck. What school is blessed and fortunate to have you joining their team?

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Best shortcut method I have found without a jailbreak to quickly open iPhone locationā€¦k0

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DavidGeurin An effective leader doesn’t try to fix people or change them. An effective leader creates an environment whereā€¦VO

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josieahlquist How has your digital life changed your daily life, your family’s life or your friends’ lives? Tech experts,ā€¦2v

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Amen to this. Conversations should include much more than just Internet safety and “don’t do & shareā€¦nG

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nakellogg What year is your desk at? ?
The evolution of the desk by the Harvard Innovation Lab via @YouTube

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iste “Learning to be an effective is not something that happens if we don’t actively teach it,”ā€¦uf

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iReading: The next-gen Apple Watch is poised to be an even bigger upgrade than we expected by ā¦@BGRā© ā¦@EdibleAppleā©ā€¦Up

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NewYorkStateAG Last month, @BetsyDeVosED quietly broke with nearly two decades of practice & stopped sharing student loan infoā€¦wZ

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joy4ok Thank you @tulsaworld for your endorsement! Moving forward to the runoff on August 28. Momentum is building and Iā€¦Tg

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