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July 21st, 2018

“Everyone needs someone to hold them when their world spins, whether that person be a friend, family,…ek

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“Contemporary propaganda isn’t about convincing someone to believe something, but convincing them to doubt what…7j

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new post: Understanding the Weaponization of News Media with danah boyd @zephoria…


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A billing snafu with the company providing caching services (among other things) for my blog & podcast caused a…jE

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jackiegerstein Digital communication can make us both better citizens and worse humans, so how should we manage it? Interview…2G

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KellyGToGo I am reading the new David Sedaris book, Calypso. Today’s favorite line: “Anyone who has spent time in the…7S

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ketchum_library Just let them READ!

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reneehobbs Yes, our leaders created a blog where former participants share and report their actions & initiatives…PC

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@adamlikestowork Thanks! I have an appointment Sunday to hopefully get mine replaced πŸ‘πŸ»

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Great resource website for (among other things) helping build resiliency in kids and adults…pc

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I added this tip to my @WhizKidsOK @CityCareOKC presentation today for mentors getting new Samsung Chromebooks to…2C

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Oklahoma adults have MUCH higher average ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) scores than national US average. See…Tz

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Learning about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) questionnaire & research via Britanie…Ee

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Thanks to @tonyvincent I’m providing printed stickers w/ shortened web link to our…Ye

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Simple music-making for everyone (Google Chrome Music) via @nuzzel thanks @TheJenCarey

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