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July 22nd, 2018

@lauren_pena16 A7 Find ways to give students meaningful choices inside & outside your classroom. This can include…nq

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MrRogersTech @wfryer True. It took me 12 years to get my degree. I have now found my passion and now have a masters.…5G

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A6 can pair w every content area & most lessons! Students can create a simulation, tell a story, or…Ck

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@MrRogersTech And add to that, “college right away” is not and should not be the encouraged answer for every…WV

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MrRogersTech A4: Core T’s need to know that not every S will go to college or even want to go to college. They might just want…Bw

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@allen_lehman I agree it definitely can be for many students, but that perception is a big mountain to move for…NN

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A3 Project Management should (at a minimum) be an elective course in every high school, and optimally be a…GH

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amybbednarz @lauren_pena16 A4. Does teacher ESL count? If so I wish core teachers realized ESL is essential to students…vw

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Great dive into the politics of Facebook policing truth, free speech, & the challenges facing Mark Zuckerberg…Vl

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