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July 27th, 2018

shareski Think you can spot fake videos?…

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: The Signals Are Talking: Why Today’s Fringe Is Tomorrow’s Mainstream by…pr

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mres “Learning is the verb of life” — @austinkleon at @scratch conference

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iReading: Flogging the Dead Horse of RSS by ⁦@shareski⁩ via ⁦@techlearning⁩ s/o ⁦@feedly⁩…

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fpgina It’s not too late to register for @NYSAIS STEAM Camp Aug 15-18. Take this opportunity to work w…EQ

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I am thrilled to see prices on 65 inch LCD TVs dropping below $600 now. Great news for classroom projection…sk

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3 things Steve Jobs had wrong about the App Store by ⁦@ZDNet⁩ via ⁦@googlenews⁩…

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Hacienda Tacos on : This is now one of our favorite taco places in Oklahoma City. We keep coming back, and…7G

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TeacherWinters A3 - I am starting a @Flipgrid to record sessions with people from my community that students can learn from:…lJ

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Excellent & practical digital advice in this article, especially targeted at those involved in election…Sc

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NewsOK ICYMI: How did the teacher walkout impact the political sphere? At least 74 current or recently retired public…dt

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techsavvyteach Easily my biggest regret from high school… I was on a mostly honors’ish track with lots of music classes… I…jN

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