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August 8th, 2018

mr_isaacs We need to present our students with REAL challenges and step back as they solve problems if we really want to prepare them @iwearthecrowns

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mr_isaacs Do you remember ? Well, after a bit of a hiatus we are back! Join us for the reboot…M5

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I personally dare & challenge you to watch this video: We Talked To 18 Teachers In Oklahoma Calling It Quits……B5

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@EdGamer @sfryer And it hurts to live in a state where education has such little value for taxpayers and citizens……0u

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iReading: Number of mobile calls drops for first time… by @janewakefield @BBCNews via @techsavvyteach @edtechsr

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iReading: Senator Asks US Government to Remove Flash From Federal Sites, Computers…Tz

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edtechsr I’m live streaming on @YouTube. Come watch:

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To say I am looking forward to tonight’s @edtechsr show and discussions about the past 2 week’s technology news…fh

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Do you know anyone in or near Oklahoma City who’d be a great “IT Help Desk and AV Support” staff member…Wf

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My week on Twitter πŸŽ‰: 12 Mentions, 34 Likes, 11 Retweets, 43.5K Retweet Reach, 2 New Followers. See yours…t3

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vedransekara Transforming obejcts into networks. New blogpost!

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edtechsr Ready for your weekly dose of tech news analysis thru an educational lens? The EdTech Situation Room virtual…73

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ScratchEdTeam Interested in supporting in your classroom this fall, but aren’t sure where to start? Check…Fa

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iReading: How to win (or at least not lose) the war on phishing? Enlist machine learning…Ut

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iReading: Experts criticize West Virginia’s plan for smartphone voting by…jP

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iReading: Android 9 Pie proves Android’s update situation is actually getting better…p6

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iReading: Op-ed - Alex Jones is a crackpot—but banning him from Facebook might be a bad idea [Updated]…kRh

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iReading: 3D-printed (and CNC-milled) guns: Nine questions you were too afraid to ask…M8

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s_bearden Back to School with G Suite: 6 Activities for the Classroom | via @ShakeUpLearning

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iReading: Sir Patrick Stewart to reprise Picard role in new Star Trek series by…Zq

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iReading: After seven difficult years, a fine day for NASA and human spaceflight…9e

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.@Legoarf You should ask @coschoolofmines for help obtaining workshop invitations from @elonmusk for you & other…uz

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