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August 28th, 2018

techsavvyteach What to look out for when buying a Chromebook

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iReading: Philippines Plans ID System to Get Its Poorest Residents on the Map… by @business

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@ericgoldman and that paper was from 2006! Nice work…

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ericgoldman Are search engines “biased”? Yes, all search tools are. See

Are search engines…fI

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Inspired by the always amazing @mrhooker, I updated my Twitter profile, speaking page and…Fp

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Google is developing an experimental podcast app called Shortwave by @russellbrandom…sF

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New feature: Hey Google, tell me something good

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Google to debut display-equipped AI speaker before holidays via @TWiT

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MrsSasser Two years ago, I was saying “do you have any questions?”. Last year I switched to “what questions do you have?”…lT

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iReading: To Catch A Robber, The FBI Attempted An Unprecedented Grab For Google Location Data by…jg

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@lloveridge @courosa Are those posts on Twitter, a blog, Facebook, or somewhere else? I think your browser should…lf

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This simple GREP search in @bbedit software… (replace line breaks with a comma and space)…lx

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1st time I have seen a HDCP error like this. 1 of our high school teachers rented a movie on iTunes (to show a…cm

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What a Chinese Superpower Might Look Like by @business

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Fortnite’s Android vulnerability leads to Google/Epic Games spat by @RonAmadeo @arstechnica

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Google Pixel 3 will reportedly be announced on October 9th in New York City by @chriswelch @verge

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Apple could remove 3D Touch from new iPhones, analyst says by @jake_k @verge

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Apple to launch three new iPhones, Watch with larger screen, updated iPad Pros, says Bloomberg by @verge

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Inside the United Nations’ effort to regulate autonomous killer robots by @verge

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@rfischer Thanks. That’s just what I’m looking for, but definitely beyond the budget I’m looking at unfortunately…

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