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October 14th, 2018

This Google Earth Voyager link for “Explore Athens” is the best one we’ve found so far:,0,0a,22…

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I’m helping @sfryer try to find a Google Earth tour of ancient Greece, but having some trouble locating one that’…bo

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linux_depot Many complaints about …. did you know that all…UK

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Interesting post by @linux_depot about @EnduranceIntl Endurance International Group (EIG) who operates / owns a…dI

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Tonight I helped @sfryer use this technique with Keynote & Google Slides for her @casadyschoolokc 3rd grade…il

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Shout out to Croatian artist IRENA JUKIĆ PRANJIĆ for sharing this awesome idea, using shadow boxing effects for…ii

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VideosByWes Access all the websites and resources referenced in this week’s video “Creating Presentations with…B3

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iReading: Here’s how to see if you’re among the 30 million compromised Facebook users…fU

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Apple to Australia: “This is no time to weaken encryption”

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MrsBeck25 Join us tonight w/ @James409Jason moderating, Celebrate Our Successes in @SethMeier to follow! 8PM CST

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tip: To remove a Google account logged into your current browser profile, search for “Google…kd

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Just downloaded so I can finally try it: ⁦@PlayCraftLearn⁩ iPad edition!…


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@LisetteEDU Remember to separate hashtags in Twitter with spaces so they are clickable, this also makes them show…wd

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Dubious Apple Watch link to Jamal Khashoggi ‘killing’ by @BBCRoryCJ@BBCNews…

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TEDTalks “Every child deserves a champion, an adult who will never give up on them. Is this job tough? You betcha. But it…2D

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UBCJournalism On Wednesday, October 24, join Journalism’s Asper visiting professor Andy Carvin (@acarvin) for his lecture ‘…WB

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Trump’s USA Today op-ed demonstrates why it’s time to unbundle news and opinion content by @elipariser@NiemanLab⁩…4l

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There’s only been one AI breakthrough by ⁦@qz…

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What an incredible example of creativity expressed through dance, music and imagination! Thanks to @KansasNana…3e

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