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November 18th, 2018

@wphillips49 @ezraklein Kudos for your fantastic conversation in this episode. One of the best current…M4

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The Titans Attack TIMELAPSE + DOWNLOAD Minecraft Project

⁦@calypsoyy⁩ I think we should explore this map over…RR

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Download the Code Builder Update to Learn Coding in Minecraft by ⁦@PlayCraftLearn⁩ via ⁦@mguhlin⁩…Va

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dancelibrarian I started and finished this on my flight. I could not put this down. Now I can not stop thinking about it……zQ

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@kevinhoneycutt Ease of viewing for Ts & Ss has more to do with your distribution method than your recording app……Er

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@juliaoftoronto Key point: Small differences between daily food intake and energy expenditure can lead to weight…T4

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Fantastic article on metabolism & dieting by @juliaoftoronto…

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Does cutting carbs really help keep weight off? The big new diet study, explained. by @juliaoftoronto ⁦@voxdotcom⁩…IH

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ezraklein My 5-point plan to improve American elections

1. No one waits more than 30 minutes to vote.
2. Election day is a…HP

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