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June 4th, 2019

With antitrust investigations looming, Apple reverses course on bans of parental control…pJ

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NancyWTech Hey nerd friends! It’s time to play again, just in time for ! What’s your…Dc

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CherokeeNation Shadow Hardbarger recaps the first climb of the day on Cumberland Plateau for cyclists who…1N

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pamhibbs ” Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.” -Andy Stanley

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@googlenest @edtechsr Unfortunately, however, I am not finding a way to correct the Google Assistant’…nV

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I may be getting closer to a solution for the frustrating ⁦@googlenest problem not playing…JE

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Ok ⁦@redrobinburgers⁩ - This is a pretty tricky & misleading, don’t you think? Unless customers read the fine…jl

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Meet the Night Witches, the Daring Female Pilots Who Bombed Nazis By Night…

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Here is a longer articulation of my ideas about why it is so important for us to both remember and teach…iJ

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Returning to Tiananmen Square by @BBCNews cc - It is very important in the US, & the West generally,…Zo

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Tiananmen’s tank man: The image that China forgot by ⁦@BBCNews…

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The FTC could have oversight over a potential Facebook antitrust probe by ⁦@businessinsider…

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BrettDOkc , read about how one district’s tech director, @wfryer, is trying to combat fear as one element of…ss

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Good discussion of the economics & of hiring contract employees on @TWiT This Week in Google 510…FH

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