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August 28th, 2019

new post: Tutorials - Record Audio Podcasts with Voice Record Pro or Anchor……fn

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Tonight I was called a conspiracy theorist & told “privacy is dead.” The cashier had never heard…vM

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I need to write a new blog post, detailing ongoing conversations with @Walgreens and @cvs cashiers…m8

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cbouzy Exclusive: Here is video of trollbots attacking @AOC and @IlhanMN in real-time. The trollbots in this video are…1n

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Mercury Reader recommended by ⁦@techsavvyteach⁩ on @edtechsr tonight! Simplify & reduce distraction when reading…Hx

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edtechsr Join @techsavvyteach & @wfryer LIVE NOW on either YouTube… or Facebook…35

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LIVE now! Please join Jason and Wes for Episiode 143 of the EdTech Situation Room podcast!


My week on Twitter πŸŽ‰: 26 Mentions, 34.6K Mention Reach, 73 Likes, 26 Retweets, 410K Retweet Reach. See yours…Ld

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@April2383 @buffer Well, that was the first one… no way to edit, just not send if there is a mistake. But I love speech to text… :-)

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Anyone else using @Typing_com seen this error when you try to sync your teacher Google account to Google Classroom?…aJ

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This is an outstanding podcast & very provocative. It is interesting to consider that America’s founders never…Tq

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Just subscribed with ⁦@pocketcasts⁩: “36 Questions - The Musical”…fQ

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This Podcast Is a Love Story, for Your Ears Only, via @nytimes (about the innovative musical podcast 36 questions,…6c

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