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February 5th, 2020

@nytimes Key point: Without regulation large tech companies will not aggressively use available tools to slow /…I4

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Child Abusers Run Rampant as Tech Companies Look the Other Way by @nytimes (part 2 of 4 from a late 2019 series)…6v

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This @nytimes article, the 1st in a 4 part series from late 2019, should be required reading for every adult…jc

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NetSmartz About the Issue: “Inappropriate Content Online”

As children become more sexually curious, they may seek out…f1

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Child-Welfare Activists Attack Facebook Over Encryption Plans by @nytimes…

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Remember this week’s @edtechsr show with @techsavvyteach & I will be on Thursday / tomorrow night…U4

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themahler Heaviest snow is mainly east of OKC right now. This is the mid-morning lull before the next wave moves in, which…qT

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NWSNorman Reported snowfall as of 8:00 AM. If we’re missing something in your area, let us know!

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Lovely here in northwest Oklahoma City. Looks like we have received about 6 inches so far, which is more…MZ

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KristinAtchley So much going on with . Wherever you are, whatever you’re going through, I hope you find safety, connection,…bX

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K8Applebee Does anyone know of offices, especially the library, within a school that are using to reach…Qs

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MicrosoftEDU You can now access @BookCreatorApp in @MicrosoftEdge! And to celebrate, its developers are offering a free…Qm

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“Let it snow… ❄️Let it snow… ⛄️ Can’t hold it back, anymo…”

Northwest Oklahoma City, The Village,…DB

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