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February 14th, 2020

Allowing proprietary code issues to block open & transparent election audits is anathema. Ethically unacceptable.…kL

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Post-election ballot audits should be a legal requirement for every gov’t election in the United States: federal,…xM

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Snapchat is ‘here for you’ with new mental health feature by ⁦@USATODAY⁩…

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Polaris_Project Ray groomed his victims before trafficking them from his daughter’s private college & an apt in NYC. This strange,…mp

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mr_isaacs Did I mention how much I LOVE reading thoughtful game reviews my students are writing about games? Play…am

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79 teachers are included in my STEM Teachers Twitter list now. You should follow it!……vB

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jsnhubbard Kenneth Harris: From Teen Intern to Engineer via NASA

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MsEngineerSmith @miss_flook 4th graders @LibertyPAElem were putting their geography skills to use today! Programming…xJ

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1 of my favorite downloaded / client side software programs to use on my @Apple laptop is…CP

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