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February 22nd, 2020

brucenilles As soon as we have gas and oil done, this is what i would like to spend my time on. @ProjectDrawdown…

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MaryKayMagistad What do wizards & prophets have to do with slowing climate change? Science journo @CharlesCMann (1491, 1493) has…oR

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Just watched the 1st episode of Season 1 on @netflix: Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak……9L

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I love how the @NatGeoEducation Learning Framework includes skills under “Communication”…PE

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My personal teaching mission - Composed & updated for @NatGeoEducation teacher certification…dk

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I started curating a new photo collection on @unsplash “Golden Retrievers”…

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I published 10 photos from this past Christmas break to @unsplash. They are being “reviewed by the community” &…Kj

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Fantastic retelling of the incredible life work of Norman E. Borlaug…

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Now listening to [PODCAST] interview by @MaryKayMagistad with @CharlesCMann author of 1491, 1493 & The Wizard &…0a

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CharlesCMann Hey, I did a TED talk a while ago, and now it’s online. Thanks to @TEDchris, @dbiello, & all the TED people for…JC

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Great conversation about specialized artificial intelligence, the evolving Chinese social credit score system,…hQ

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TheAtlantic Xi Jinping has made China into the world’s most sophisticated surveillance state, @zeynep writes. So why didn’t…fS

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3 hours later & this tweet of mine has over 200 likes and retweets?! (That NEVER happens normally, BTW…)This is…5S

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rdantech Some of us do care about Syrian Refugees and the other 63M world refugees fleeing war, poverty, and violence.…YV

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1 of my all-time biggest disappointments in web 2.0 technologies was @Google ‘s killing of Google Reader. My…RS

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NatGeoEducation .@InsideNatGeo Explorer Dr. Thomas Lovejoy wants the Amazon to return to “about 90% of the extent of its original…1D

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Just subscribed to “Whose Century Is It” [PODCAST] by @MaryKayMagistad via @world_affairs with…Qj

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OSUcete Academics can change the world- if they stop talking only to their peers by @Savo_Heleta
Via @ConversationUS:…

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Great @world_affairs [PODCAST] Hong Kong πŸ‡­πŸ‡° on The Brink by @jwassers with @MaryKayMagistad (great historical…Ks

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world_affairs This week on the podcast we’re looking at what’s driving the protests in Hong Kong and why the demonstrations…nm

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