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February 25th, 2020

@ColeenRowley @ColeenRowley If that IS your website, it’s probably been hacked. But my guess is it’s not legit….

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@ColeenRowley I’m guessing the website isn’t yours / is NOT legitimate based on the weird…dw

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Our March theme for “Our Life Together” in our middle school is GRATITUDE. Today we discussed a project idea:…QL

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thnorfar I’m going this Saturday. Are you??…

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EdCampOKC New post: Meet Brandi Green @mrs_b_green – HS…vEKC

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Nothing creates student motivation for building & creating digitally as @PlayCraftLearn Minecraft, at least for…RE

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@alicekeeler Good tip, thanks! I had actually not tried copying a class before - I appreciate the warning! :-)

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It’s day 1 of our Minecraft Education @PlayCraftLearn @Screencastify lesson in 5th grade computer class!…uz

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This is a fantastic Google Docs tip from @ShakeUpLearning… I’m using in my “5-10 Photo…g6

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Remember to ARCHIVE your Google Classroom classes at the end of term, once all student work has been submitted,…gr

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Another helpful option for adding annotations to videos: @TimelinelyApp via @rmbyrne

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Add to your lesson file:

NASA Explains Why The Viral Standing Broom Trick Is a Hoax…aw

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Great YouTube channel with helpful explanations / tutorials: @PowerCert PowerCert Animated…sC

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