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I’m watching the replay of tonight’s @OKCPS board meeting with BIG announcements on changes to schools……

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@OKCPS Livestream image is black/dark and all noise / static now :-(

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kharyp There is so much beauty in the world

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paulharnik “Rocks are records of events that took place at the time they formed. They are books. They have a different…Cn

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Voice Assistants in the Classroom: Useful Tool or Privacy Problem? by ⁦@s_bearden⁩ in ⁦@FERPASherpa

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If you’re having trouble viewing this blog post, here’s a PDF version:…

I’m working…7V

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Need to share a quick screenshot with a support team technician or someone else? works…aN

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kim_culp Concentrations of power are always abused given enough time. There will be solutions like this in the future that…DH

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.@funnymonkey @CS_Privacy @s_bearden @TheTechRabbi What is/are the best link/links you’d recommend now to school…1C

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mbrennanchina Implications of living in a world of ubiquitous AI-driven facial recognition and computer vision. No possible way…vu

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@kim_culp BTW I love your Twitter header image of PIlot & Index. Those were my grandmother on my dad’s side…Dm

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@kim_culp @kimkomando @KansasNana I have used DuckDuckGo & definitely agree it seems to be the most viable…cv

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Russia tries to force Facebook and Twitter to relocate servers to Russia by…MS

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Google must pay €50 million for GDPR violations, France says by @cfarivar @arstechnica

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7 Search Sites to Use Other Than Google by ⁦@kimkomando⁩ via ⁦@KansasNana

(I agree context specific search…Qt

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@Timothy_Edgar The link on your website is broken, at least for me here in Oklahoma City…

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@mrpsvt Does your organization maintain the website for the “Vermont Student Privacy Alliance (VTSPA)?”…zJ

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@KansasNana @sfryer @maxitrn @taaz23 It’s interesting (and challenging) to try and discern their overall…Uu

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@KansasNana @sfryer @maxitrn @taaz23 Looks like a great resource for parents & digital citizenship. I…Dc

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