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iReading: A Shakeup in Russia’s Top Cybercrime Unit… by @briankrebs

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iReading: The Market for Stolen Account Credentials by @briankrebs

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iReading: The Scrap Value of a Hacked PC, Revisited by @briankrebs…

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“PharmaLeaks: Understanding the Business of Online Pharmaceutical Affiliate Programs” via @briankrebs…

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For more background on 2017 “Dark Overlord” school hacks see…wz

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In May 2011, scareware / malware developers started targeting MacOS Apple users by @briankrebs

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iReading: The Biggest Skimmers of All - Fake ATMs by @briankrebs (Dec 2013)…

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iReading: Source Code for IoT Botnet ‘Mirai’ Released by @briankrebs (this is bad news)…

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: Violent Entrepreneurs: The Use of Force in the Making of Russian Capitalism… via @briankrebs

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briankrebs Senator prods FCC, FTC, DHS on response to the Internet of Things (IoT) mess…

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99% of 41,000+ online pharmacy resellers are illegitimate by @briankrebs citing @legitscript…

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iReading: Tools for a Safer PC by @briankrebs (excellent collection of links & recommendations for PC users)…

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briankrebs Are the days of ddos-for-hire “booter” services numbered? New research offers a ray of hope…

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If you support teachers in educational technology you should read “Spam Nation” by @briankrebs. My review:…

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my book review of “Spam Nation” by @briankrebs was approved & posted to Amazon…

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: Spam Nation Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime from Global Epidemic to Your Front Door by @briankrebs…

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briankrebs My Yahoo account was hacked. Now what? Some practical advice in an old fashioned Q&A:…

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briankrebs The NYT’s coverage of the DDoS outage yesterday/today inexplicably veers off into Russian hackers and the election. Misses the mark.

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briankrebs Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report contains a whole section on my Sept. 2016 record DDoS attacks…

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briankrebs Fun fact: CIA unit exposed by Wikileaks was tasked w/ crafting cyber response to Russia’s alleged election meddling…

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alchemyDC Finally decided to disable SMS based 2FA for Gsuite after reading @briankrebs…. From…03

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@briankrebs @SGgrc @thecyberwire Is this a or link, or something else? Strange to see a link…TF

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@briankrebs Thanks for all your advocacy & work on security issues. Do you have a link for security software recommendations for Mac users?

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briankrebs Dear Twitter: If you care about your account, get a Google Voice # to replace your mobile # in Twitter settings.…iH

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briankrebs Dyn: We observed 10s of millions of discrete IP addresses tied to the Mirai botnet that were part of the attack.…

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briankrebs I never do this, but this is important so please RT if you agree: It’s not okay for my mobile provider to sell or…Kq

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briankrebs Well, this is one way to ransom a hacked Web site. The home page for Nashville-based health IT provider Medhost (medhost[dot]com) has been replaced with a ransom demanding 2 BTCs (~USD $35k) not to leak patient records, payment data

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briankrebs Words with Malware? Malware With Friends? First time I’ve gotten a scareware popup on my iPhone was after I installed Words with Friends app. Too bad, I liked this game. Looks like this has been a known problem for a while…

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