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new post: Our Daughter Plays Minecraft with International YouTubers

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new post: How Much Minecraft is Too Much Minecraft?

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Enchanted Pick Axe (Minecraft)

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Bedroom Minecraft Skype Gametime

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Minecraft Cousin Personal Training

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cross-posted to @Medium: How Much Minecraft is Too Much Minecraft?

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Get Started with Minecraft: Education Edition (All Platforms)

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List of Minecraft education resources from unconference session on Minecraft @EdGamer @MinecraftTeachr

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watching Rachel’s 3rd Minecraft [VIDEO] on : Minecraft PC Party Games and Parkour!…

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ConnectedCamps Three Lessons from My Son on Minecraft and Learning minecraft-learning/">…

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12/366/2012 Hardcore Minecraft

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Minecraft Kik update from Rachel

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I uploaded 9 screenshots into a new Flickr album: “Minecraft Enchanting and More”…

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mr_rcollins Become more creative by playing Minecraft

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EdGamer Minecraft Contest! Create a Minecraft “How Toon” on Toontastic minecraft/">… @hannahclemmons @MinecraftTeachr @wfryer @edreachus

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helpful @MinecraftEdu app for crafting recipes: Minecraft Explorer Pro HD via @WoWandMintTea

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Shazahmed Tree house challenge, am learning Minecraft with the kids thanks @holtspeak

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iReading: Night Predators” and Minecraft Lotus

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new post: Substitute Wood for Coal in Minecraft (I love how Minecraft encourages problem solving!)

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Just Dance Floor with Minecraft Redstone

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jjash It’s professional malpractice to disregard minecraft. @wfryer

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Minecraft is best experienced together! (@viaRipl)

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RachelArtist_ Playing Minecraft with Dad :))

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@ConnectedCamps gr8 code of conduct! We may borrow from it for a @CasadySTEM Minecraft club next year!

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MrsTrimbleVici Minecraft : ♪ Form This Way (Minecraft Parody of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way) @wfryer

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Tell your loving kids about @RachfMC’s Minecraft videos YouTube channel!

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iReading: How to Save your minecraft world

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johnmillerEDU Follow Minecraft Teachers! @thecommonpeople

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[VIDEO] Ultra Fast Travel in Boats - Minecraft 1.9 - Minecraft Ideas Innovation… by @Datalore7000

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CarolineDonnaF If you are a teacher and use Minecraft in your classroom please complete my survey.

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MaineSchoolTech “Learning doesn’t happen IN Minecraft, it happens because of the Qs/issues Minecraft raises. It’s a virtual ropes course” @dkiang

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[VIDEO] Minecraft : ♪ Form This Way (Minecraft Parody of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way)… via @k_shelton


tara My kid loves Minecraft and building stuff with electronics so obviously we need the @withpiper Minecraft kit

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New post: Amazing Minecraft Time Lapse Building Videos

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gr8 video! Minecraft is Just Awesome

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Initial Minecraft Competition World Created with MCEdit

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What is Minecraft? “First person Legos with unlimited Legos” by @kjarrett

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trishcloud @knowclue Minecraft led to Coding Club at our school

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@TParks just sent you an email RE tomorrow’s videoconference…

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I added the “Minecraft AR” iOS app & Minecraft Reality website to the Simulations/Games page of Mapping Media

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@misterwashburn you have an awesome Minecraft Twitter background image :-)

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shannonwa ’13 alum shares edu server project to ’s Dive Deep w Minecraft EDu session

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iReading: Art Remade for Minecraft by @HowWeGetToNext

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rehaynes91 At . Kids teaching adults and everyone coding!

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Photos from today’s Minecraft & Coding…

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CasadySTEM [VIDEO] Minecraft Rollercoaster Ride…

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CasadySTEM [VIDEO] Minecraft Rollercoaster Tour…

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“The Minecraft server is ready!” @rpi

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Playing some before-bed @Minecraft with the ever-sylin’ @RachfMC

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iReading: The Minecraft Generation via @nuzzel @LEARNQuebec

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[VIDEO] Connecting Classroom Mode for Minecraft @PlayCraftLearn

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jerrywbogle In honor of the start of college football, Noah took to Minecraft @wfryer Still talks about the minecraft camp!

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Adam Neff: Minecraft & Virtual Simulations in Stilwell,

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I just bought my own Minecraft license :-)

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A Minecraft student expert teaches! @ University of Montana

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BYOTNetwork Another great resource is @knowclue

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Teachers playing and learning about Minecraft @MinecraftEdu AT

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iReading: The Minecraft Parent by @magger via @adafruit

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ucodecom @jeannereed1 Do your kids love minecraft? Sign up them up for the minecraft event this sunday!

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CasadySTEM [VIDEO] Mob Trap in Minecraft…

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Lots of gr8 family collaborations this Thanksgiving holiday!

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mguhlin Giant ‘Minecraft’ graphics upgrade delayed to 2018

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“Chalkboards” are new signs in Minecraft EE which lets you include live links, including YouTube videos, which students can view without leaving the Minecraft environment via @TeacherBeard

Also “fixed inventory” is new on the Minecraft player hotbar

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Now hearing @ErinCerulean talk about using @Minecraft with teens in the library

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intrepidteacher Minecraft in the by @colingally & @Shaza33

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@TRohan yes - you could do that I’m Minecraft in “creative mode”

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@VivienTuckerman how did you handle discipline in this virtual setting / situation?

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kjarrett Parents embracing Minecraft video game @6abcnews Special Report

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new post: Orientation Challenge in MinecraftEDU

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gr8 tutorial videos: Redstone Academy via my son…

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sfryer First day of Minecraft! @wfryer @ptokc

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TheCLAlliance Valuable resource for teachers, librarians, and parents:

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iReading: After-School STEM Camps Emphasize Minecraft, Coding Skills… @ConnectedCamps

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rmbyrne Opening Tinkercad 3D Designs in Minecraft minecraft/">… from @wfryer

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Great day of holiday Minecraft adventures with @RachelArtist_ today :-)

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Really looking forward to my son’s @k12online presentation about Minecraft going live tomorrow!

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new post: Amazing Minecraft Webshows, Music Videos and Parody Animation Videos

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@dogtrax glad you could check out the Minecraft preso!

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new post: Playing BowSpleef with a Friend in Minecraft cc @EdGamer

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MT @sigml: 3D printing and with Printcraft. @mbjerede 

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@kjarrett it’s a sign you should release your inner entrepreneur spirit :-)

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bnighrogain My students started to enjoy fractions in .@Minecraft

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Student Jared teaching teachers in @kjarrett ‘a @MinecraftEdu workshop

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[VIDEO] Rachel shows her Minecraft Redstone Shower

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iReading: Learning and teaching through Minecraft by @makerkids via

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Minecraft Creepers are popular at the facepainting booth today! @IESYukon

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Tour of high school @rachfmc built during @zbpipe session

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christyfenne Minecraft Fueling Creative Ideas, Analytical Thinking in K-12 Classrooms

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RachelArtist_ Playing minecraft with the dad! He’s a sharp shooter :)

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RachelArtist_ Minecraft PC - Spruce Cabin Speed Build: via @YouTube

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sfryer Watching an awesome Minecraft treehouse challenge! @wfryer @thedivorg

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TheJenCarey More Minecraft Learning: Enchantments and Desert Temples minecraft-learning-enchantments-and-desert-temples/">… via @wfryer

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Thanks @RachelArtist_ for recommending tonight that I craft a boat

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This tweak to the code in the command file launching the Minecraft Server JAR file was key to getting our home server going this week!…

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Persevere despite obstacles! Great @PlayCraftLearn Minecraft Education fishbowl lesson…28

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Interview w/ @raiderscoach Minecraft & Virtual Worlds in Stilwell, #fb

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Alex now has 14 YouTube videos in his playlist “Minecraft Songs”

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iReading: Putt-Putt Make Big Sillies Of Themselves Suing Minecraft via my son

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new post: We Are The Miners of Minecraft (A Clever Queen Remix)

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iReading: EMS Students Participate in MOOC Event on Minecraft in Education

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Sharing edgamer podcast & talking Minecraft at unconference @ University of Montana

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new post: Cool Stuff Rachel & I Learned in Minecraft This Weekend

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GHO Teaching programming W Minecraft and computercraftEDU starts in 7 minutes!

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@Legoarf you seen @qCraftMod (quantum physics in Minecraft)? - looks cool!…

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iReading: Swedish School Now Has A Mandatory Minecraft Class via @trishcloud

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I’m downloading MCEdit open source world editor for h/t @Legoarf

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Just watched [VIDEO] Minecraft Xbox - Hot Air Balloon [199] by @stampylongnose

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shannonmmiller How One School Turned Minecraft into STEAM

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idigjamesbond Introduction to the Minecraft Lord of the Rings Mod - minecraft-lord-of-the-rings-mod/">…

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iReading: Sneak a Peek at the Brand-New Minecraft Lego Sets by @POPSUGARTech

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educollabor8ors Amazed by Edgar’s Design Creativity in Minecraft @wfryer

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mguhlin Over 1,800 Minecraft Passwords Were Leaked Online @jeguhlin @wfryer

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MrsBeck25 Using Minecraft in Education : Cross Curricular Ideas

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iReading: Creative Writing With OneNote & MineCraft via @shannonmmiller @mtholfsen cc @EdGamer

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RachelArtist_ Minecraft PC- Farming, Windows, & Mailbox! ep. 3: via @YouTube

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[VIDEO] Creative Minecraft Shower by 4th Grader Sam @iesSTEM @MinecraftEdu

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Made a treehouse rollercoaster in Minecraft with Alex & Rachel tonight:-)

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RafranzDavis Nephews learning to collaborate via Minecraft @HypixelNetwork Team Build Battle!

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iReading: Announcing Minecraft - Education Edition via @nuzzel @johnmillerEDU (replacing @MinecraftEdu)

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spencerideas Why Connected Camps ROCKS for Minecraft After School minecraft-after-school/">… via @wfryer

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dkiang The newest plate from the Aloha State! @HikariKishi @Dowbiggin

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Students @CleanMCVideos Solving Heartbreak: Creating Community Around Kid-Safe Minecraft Videos by @AngelaMaiers minecraft-videos/">…

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Me: “Look, it’s the Kansas wheat harvest!” Daughter: “It’s just like in !”

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RachelArtist_ Minecraft PC - Server Safari: Pixel Painters! {9}: via @YouTube

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kystetech More Learning: Enchantments and Desert Temples via @wfryer

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gr8 collaboration project: Creatubbles Global Art Collaboration [VIDEO]… via

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gr8 job @RachelArtist_! Figuring out YouTube Live stream using @OBSProject software!

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Thanks @RachelArtist_ for the help with the baby zombie tonight! 😀

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Helpful article by @AleForgeHosting on differences between Minecraft Java & Bedrock editions……iF

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New post: Using Minecraft for Virtual Simulations & Oklahoma Ag in the

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just commented on 7th grader Scotty’s poem about Minecraft via @sherbev

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Minecraft Music Video Parodies (family learning blog post by my son)

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@elemenous definitely check with Joel Levin @MinecraftTeachr & Erin Daly
@ErinCerulean for Minecraft edu info! @ColleenKR

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new post: More Minecraft Lessons from a 15 Year Old (March 2013)

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@dogtrax Alex answered your excellent questions about Minecraft for his preso!

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shiltbrand If you want to use Minecraft in classrm, try MinecraftEdu

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iReading: Minecraft Replica of Apple’s HQ Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO] via @pluggedportable

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iReading: Minecraft in the Classroom by @LPralleKeehn (student project) cc @EdGamer @MinecraftTeachr

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@TheGameMole what’s the link to your challenge project? I’d like to check it out!

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[VIDEO] “Creeper” - A Minecraft Parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller (Music Video)

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cool! Screencapture Shots from the Games Based Learning MOOC via @kzenovka

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gr8 project & video: Digital Citizens in Minecraft via @valibrarian cc @EdGamer

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@BedleyBros definitely post that question to the Minecraft Teachers Google Group too!

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jonsamuelson A Twitter account shared by @wfryer to follow for Minecraft EDU resources is @iesSTEM

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Nice Minecraft List Poem by @IESYukon 4th grader Adryan

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trinketapp How @brianpainter teaches with in the classroom!

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fantastic resources for @kjarrett workshop this morning: Intro to Minecraft cc @EdGamer

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cilcorg New PD Offering by @wfryer Minecraft & MinecrafteEDU in the Classroom

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iReading: Ordnance Survey maps the UK in Minecraft by @BetaNews

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Great night for a little football & by backyard firelight :-)

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Pursuitery Minecraft Building challenge is on Oct-06. Hosted by Jamie. Participate:

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[VIDEO] Configure Student Computers for MinecraftEDU Multiplayer cc @sfryer

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tbbrwn Follow these great folks for info on using Minecraft in the classroom! @wfryer @TParks

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elkorda Why study Rome when you can build it? @EdGamer using Minecraft in the classroom

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