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@dkuropatwa …for a HDMI to VGA converter

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@bwasson supports VGA projectors - Both mirroring and video out support :-)

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Nice: new Epson LCD projector w/ HDMI & VGA: $650 @ Best

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@edventures absolutely. VGA out support is the #1 thing I’m excited about for the iPad2 :-)

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Looks good! iReading: Kanex ATV Pro connects Apple TV to VGA projectors via @Zite

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@markwagner VGA out for all apps is only reason I see for doing it

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@mhtalbut I haven’t decided but am leaning toward the Dell for keyboard size and built in VGA out.

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@runfardvs for iOS demos your best bet F2F is an Apple TV. 2nd best option is iPad VGA cable

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Apple Keynote software isn’t playing embedded videos when VGA adapter is plugged in. Solutions/workarounds?

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Just ordered HDMI to VGA converter cables for an Apple TV, just $45 total via @iear

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Early morning classroom AV tech support over FaceTime with @sfryer: “That’s the VGA cable” :-)

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My iPad2 w/ VGA adapter worked GREAT in T4T class today demonstrating apps for Tumblr and ColorSplash!

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@KevinCTofel If I buy a Pixel laptop, is there an adapter you recommend to plug into VGA projectors for presentations?

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VERY impressed w @belkin “Desktop 4-Port KVM Switch” for VGA projectors used at vga-ps2usb">…

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“Old School” VGA, USB-A & 1/8” analog audio for a teacher’s classroom laptop connection. Fortunately…wK

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my VGA out cable works like a CHAMPION on my iPad2, connected to my Tandberg @TelePresence H.323 unit - woo hoo!

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For $30 this VGA to composite / S-video adapter looks great for anyone needing to connect a computer to a TV

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@ndavidovics I’m pretty sure I’ll be using the iPad2’s VGA out/mirroring capability every week whenever I teach and demo iOS apps

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@Allanahk Yes, the older VGA cable I’d bought with my iPad1 works with my iPad2, except now ALL content is mirrored out! :-)

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Great post on iOS 5 Apple TV iPad mirroring w/ links to HDMI/VGA converter & cables @mr_rcollinsld #fb

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@nthiese yes it does - I love the mirroring feature! I’m eager to give that a try with a HDMI to VGA converter for videoconference PD!

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Kanex ATV Pro is $60 HDMI to VGA converter for Apple TV (super if you have an iPad & want to screen mirror wirelessly!)

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is their a mobile LCD TV we could use in room 2 for session 2? Not a requirement but it would be nice… HDMI or VGA cable too?

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@mrhooker I noticed at @TheLearnFest a couple years ago some of your classrooms had a sweet video & audio source switcher, but it was VGA. Maybe by Belkin. Gave lots of options for mixing & matching inputs to output. Have you found something similar for H

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