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NumFOCUS Project develops tools for interactive computing, research & education with an emphasis in…8y

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Saturn’s Rings May Disappear in 100 million years by ⁦@NASA⁩ (This is so cool! Would be a great ⁦@News_O_Matic⁩…j3

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“It’s not a content moderation issue, it’s an algorithm issue.”

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YouTube as a primary platform for news and political commentary is fraught with challenges / problems……4j

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Sphero discontinues its BB-8, R2-D2, and other licensed Disney products b @verge

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: NAACP Calls for Boycott, Civil Rights Groups Demand Board Changes by @jank0 @Variety

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HTC Thinks Virtual Reality’s Killer App Could Be Christianity by @futurism cc @ericlav

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How YouTube Pulled These Men Down a Vortex of Far-Right Hate by @thedailybeast via…5V

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Amazon Is Paying People $20 an Hour to Deliver Packages Using Their Own Cars — and the Competition Is…NiO

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iPhone XR Sales Crash Increases Apple’s Neverending Nightmare by @Forbes

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Mrreiff The core of any video project? Planning before we record. @RoslynMS 6th graders map out their “Digital Upstander”…Ah

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@KELLYWEILL Thank you so much for this well researched and written piece. Critical issues here for parents &…7v

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GuyMitchell14 Slam Poetry Final in Drama 1! Love these kids and how they’re using their voices to empower themselves!…64

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(I do not agree with all the points in this article but they are definitely worth considering)

Dear Tumblr:…oj

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@PaperWithPencil I love ❀️ your byline “doctor of words” πŸ˜€

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EduQuinn Save the date: 1/10 @ 7:00 PM ET, will be talking all things with the incredible @Jessifer &…Cm

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Tumblr was removed from Apple’s App Store over child pornography issues by ⁦@verge⁩…

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Great matrix / menu / progression of @Seesaw teacher skills! Well done Jordan! via @sfryer…Tt

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Calvinn_Hobbes I 100% agree!

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kudrios Very large extratropical cyclone in the northeastern Pacific, driving rain and mountain snow into Washington/…5C

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